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It’s a Gusher: Outrage Erupts at D.C. Green Groups’ Ties to BP

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WaPo's story yesterday about the cozy ties between BP and the nation's leading environmental groups  has let loose a deluge of angry comments from members of the Arlington-based Nature Conservancy and other groups that have taken millions of dollars from the disgraced oil giant.
Here's a good one from Cindy D., a Nature [...]

U.S. Beaches Awash in Raw Sewage, but Ocean City More Pristine, Report Says

Going to the beach these days is like taking a dip in an open sewer, according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council.
The NRDC found the nation’s beaches are befouled by raw sewerage and floating debris that is not just seriously gross but a serious health hazard. This is the 19th year that [...]