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Faux Gun Control

For playful print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote about the government's War on Toy Guns.
I knew D.C's laws controlling real guns are going lax. But until recently I wasn't aware that federal and local statutes and various regulatory pressures have made it harder to get cap and squirt guns and air rifles and [...]

Because of Heller Decision, D.C. Man Will Appeal 1996 Gun Conviction

Gun advocates will be happy to know that despite the fact he's already served his time, Dave Magnus may just get off.
Back in December 1996, he ran afoul of the law when police discovered two guns in his Petworth home. But in 2008, things started to look different: the Supreme Court ruling on District of [...]

The Needle: No Rain, No Gain Edition

Stop Us If You've Heard This One: At 2:21 p.m., the bulletin went out from the National Weather Service: "A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 PM. A COLD FRONT WILL CROSS THE AREA... PRODUCING NUMEROUS THUNDERSTORMS. DAMAGING WIND GUSTS WILL BE THE PRIMARY THREAT." Fun! By now, the routine should be more [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Rock Creek Park and Deer Burgers

The Issue: Should we shoot the deer? The National Park Service (NPS) is trying to decide how to deal with the white-tailed deer population. They've been mating like rabbits and eating all the shrubs.
Proponent: Adrienne Colman, Superintendent of Rock Creek Park, says: "It's just one of the options. Montgomery County has been sharpshooting for some [...]