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The Needle: Pool Report

Swim Gym: Is the Department of Parks and Recreation considering an indoor pool on the lot it owns near 14 and S streets NW? Let's hope so! +3
Nature Bites: A dog was recently attacked by a coyote in Rock Creek Park, prompting National Park Service to remind residents that there are coyotes in the park and they [...]

Cherry Blossoms to Hit Peak Bloom Between April 8 and 12

With slush on the ground and temperatures well below freezing today, it's only natural to speculate about spring. And judging by when the National Park Service expects the cherry blossoms to hit peak bloom this year, springs arrival is not so imminent.
James Perry, chief of resource management for the National Park Service, announced today at [...]

Deer In Rock Creek Park, Managed

City Paper alum Stephanie Mencimer mentions D.C.'s Rock Creek Park as an aside about how the country's deer population is exploding without any wolves to keep them in check:
Deer have been a blight on suburbia for a while now, munching their way through tract-housing gardens and making some highways extremely dangerous for motorists, as their [...]

Photo: National Park Service Employee

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