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Pigskins Shame Spiral: NPR

NPR shows some restraint.

The Needle: Public Radio Shaming

 @&!#@(%*%: NPR's ombudsman wrote that the organization should "begin to purposefully disassociate itself from using the [Pigskins] or the Washington [Pigskins] on air and online." His point might have been stronger had he not used the team name, which is by definition a racial slur, throughout his piece. But hey, it's a start! +4
The Metro [...]

NPR Seeks to Reduce Staff by 10 Percent Via Buyouts

Tucked within a release naming its new president and CEO, NPR announced today that it would seek to reduce its staff by 10 percent through a voluntary buyout plan. (The Washington-based organization employed 840 people in 2012.)
NPR's board of directors just approved a budget for fiscal year 2014, which includes a deficit of $6.1 million, or [...]

The Needle: Super Moon Edition

Peaceoholics Anonymous: The District's attorney general is suing Adrian Fenty-favored gang intervention group Peaceoholics for more than $600,000, alleging that the nonprofit's leaders understated their salaries on tax paperwork. +/-0
King Tide and Super Moon: Not the names of sumo wrestlers, it turns out! The moon will be full almost when its orbit is at its [...]

NPR Has Bees on Its Roof, but Isn’t in It for the Honey

Jeff Miller rolls up in his BMW convertible to the gleaming new headquarters of NPR one wet, gusty Monday morning. Miller, a real estate developer, isn’t there to check out the building, a modern mass of concrete and glass and lights on North Capitol Street. He’s delivering cargo: 20,000 European honey bees, buzzing in two [...]

NPR Sale to Get Even More NPR-y

NPR's warehouse sale at its Massachusetts Avenue NW headquarters this weekend is becoming a bona fide public radio festival, judging by the recently released full schedule. You might wonder, Why does a merchandise sale need a schedule? Exactly.
As if the possibility of scoring discounted Car Talk gear and bumping into Carl Kasell wasn't enough for public [...]

Totebags for Everybody! NPR Plans Warehouse Sale

Big news, public radio fans: Now's your chance to get National Public Radio schwag on the cheap. NPR is planning to offload merchandise at fire-sale prices at its D.C. headquarters for next month.
"It's insane how much stuff we have," says Renee Kelly, an NPR spokeswoman. The NPR schwag, which includes everything on the network's NPR [...]

National Pale Radio?

The open letter is a format that probably deserves to be dragged out back and shot. Still, I'm with Root editor Joel Dreyfuss on his complaints about how white white white NPR is, to new head Gary Knell:
NPR has long reflected that liberal myopia. As far back as 1993, the liberal watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in [...]

The Needle: Spring Fund Drive Edition

Video Killed the Radio Star: The bad news continues for National Public Radio, as another hidden-camera tape by right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe shows executives were aware of the phony gift O'Keefe's stunt was pretending to pass along to the network. With the federal budget what it is (which is to say, bad, if not quite [...]

Secret Recordings at Café Milano? Why Not Try the Ritz in Pentagon City?

One of the week's big stories in Washington was the quick fallout from the newest gotcha video from James O'Keefe that forced the resignation of two NPR executives. The fundraising scandal involving a fake Muslim organization happened at Georgetown's Café Milano, which has long been a bastion of D.C.'s boldface names, for better or worse. [...]

Washington City Paper Staff Memo on Stewart/Colbert Rallies

Several of you have asked me about this coming weekend’s satirical National Mall rallies featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. As you probably know, at least one other news organization, NPR, has forbidden news staffers from attending. Others, including the Washington Post, have reminded staffers that [...]

Ted Stevens is Dead and NPR Fans ‘Like’ it

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican U.S. senator, died in a plane crash in a remote part of Alaska. He was 86. NPR posted said news on their Facebook page and 32 minutes later, 113 people already "liked" the news. Come on, folks! No more respect for the dead?

Details on NPR Intern Stabbing

It may not come as a surprise that the 24-year-old District woman who allegedly stabbed 20-year-old NPR intern Annie Ropeik multiple times and for no particular reason Wednesday morning is mentally ill. Recently filed charging documents say Melodie Anne Brevard has been diagnosed as having Bipolar Type II disorder. Brevard was supposed [...]

Gov. Schwarzenegger, Busted by Cryptologist!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is speaking at Georgetown University's business school tonight, which seems like enough of an excuse to bring up the California governor's recent memo to state legislators informing them that he was vetoing a certain bill authored by a guy who reportedly once told him to "kiss my gay ass." The memo has gotten [...]

Sentencing Tomorrow for Former NPR Tech Reporter Caught Downloading Child Porn

David Malakoff, 46, who resigned from NPR's Science and Tech desk after being charged with possessing child pornography on an NPR-owned computer, will be sentenced in federal court tomorrow.
According to the Examiner, more than 100 people wrote to District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle vouching for his character, including high-profile Post reporter Brigid Schulte. She described [...]