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36 Minutes on Wiehle Avenue

The touted benefits of Metro's new Silver Line largely center around the new swath of Virginians who will now have access to the nation's capital through public transit. But what people are forgetting is that D.C. residents will now also have greater access to the much developed but largely unexplored suburbs of Virginia.
The last stop [...]

Enter Soberman: Superhero to Roam Bars, Stop Drunk Driving

Imagine you're at, oh, Public Bar in Dupont late one Saturday night, drinking a Bud, dancing with whoever. All of a sudden an artificially buff man dressed in a red spandex superhero costume (with underwear on the outside, 'natch) loudly introduces himself as Soberman. He wants to know: Do you know how you'll get home?
Soon, [...]

NoVa Town Too Fancy for Wawa Convenience Stores

Cult Philadelphia convenience store chain Wawa has been making inroads in the Washington area over the past year, which is good news for the chain's fans (an exhaustive take on whom can be found here). But officials in the Northern Virginia town of Herndon aren't as thrilled about the arrival of the chain's abundant hoagie [...]

NoVa Gallon-Smashers “Kind of” Sorry for Prank

Fresh off terrorizing Vienna, Va., with their "gallon-smashing" ways, Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib are repentant...sort of.
In an appearance on TV show RightThisMinute, the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. “We kind of do, now," said Omar. "But I mean, it was just an innocent prank."

Suburbs So Boring, Teens Allegedly Go on Cross-State Crime Rampage

Kids these days: Once they relieved their suburban doldrums by short-sheeting and drag racing, now they're going on cross-county crime sprees. That's the takeaway from the Arlington County Police Department's announcement yesterday that officers had arrested three teenagers on charges of shooting out car windows with BB guns more than 250 times.
18-year-old William Romero, 18-year-old [...]

Weekend in Review: Summer Solstice Edition

Break out the bongos, hippies! Monday marks the summer solstice, when the sun hits its highest angle of the year. Expect highs in the 90s with a strong chance of drum circles. The annual astronomical event means summer has now officially arrived. And D.C. cops are, naturally, quite busy. Tis the season for peak crime, after all (curfew at 11 p.m., kids): WaPo [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Virginia Back In The Black Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today’s somehow supposed to be a lovely Tuesday with intermittent possibilities of rain. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I went out and bought the Facebook Effect last night–haven’t been this excited about a read since Harry Potter. This morning's photo is in honor of Twitter–the sperm whale was failing all last [...]