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Our Morning Roundup: Did Barry’s Nonprofits Help You?

Some of City Desk's loyal readers have protested in the comments that we've been writing and reporting too much on the Barry scandal. Yesterday alone, we produced a strong post on ANC Commissioners' reactions to the Bennett Report, interviewed local jewelry merchants on just how Barry could call giving jewelry a "loan," and the news [...]

The Reason Why Prosecutors May Not Charge Barry

On Tuesday, Robert S. Bennett laid out an astonishingly detailed case against Ward 8 Councilmember Marion S. Barry Jr. and concluded that the matter should be referred to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Bennett's conclusion raises the rather comical notion that the U.S. Attorney's Office consists of a bunch of bureaucrats sitting around the office waiting for [...]

One Barry Lesson: How Not To Run A Nonprofit

"I am a different kind of council member. I ran to get resources, to uplift people of Ward 8 to do everything I can to empower them."–Councilmember Marion S. Barry Jr. on the dais yesterday in response to Robert Bennett's testimony.
By resources, Barry means the thousands of dollars in city funds he funneled to a [...]

It Pays To Be Marion Barry’s NA Sponsor

It's hard to get very far in a 12-step program without embracing Step 2: asking for help from a greater power.
When it came to his finances, Darryl Colbert knew which greater power he could turn to–his Narcotics Anonymous buddy Marion S.  Barry Jr.
Colbert is a longtime addiction counselor and had served as Barry's sponsor [...]

Weekend in Review

OK, I've heard enough: The D.C. government, if I were King Adrian M. Fenty, would freeze all funding for nonprofit social service providers till each and every one of them could show documentation that they deserve their earmarks. That's the lesson from Washington City Paper's midsummer audits of the nonprofits that Ward 8 Councilmember Marion [...]

WEAVE Launches Campaign To Save Itself

On Sunday, WaPo reported that WEAVE, a non-profit which provides legal and other supports to domestic-violence victims, was set to cease  operations. WEAVE had become a victim of city budget cuts. The Post writes:
Eleven days ago, WEAVE's board of directors decided it didn't have enough funds to keep operating and voted to begin the process [...]

D.C. Education Compact to Fold

The D.C. Education Compact, founded five years ago to organize outside support for the city's public schools, will close up shop next week.
DCEC executive director Donna Power Stowe announced in an e-mail to its supporters yesterday that the group "will cease operations as an independent organization." In an interview today, Stowe explained the circumstances of [...]

Barry Camp Silent On Federal Probe

Yesterday, news broke that Federal lawmen are looking into the allegations surrounding Councilmember Marion Barry's contracts with former girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt as well as his guardianship over half a dozen nonprofits. While two of his associates—Brenda Richardson and Jackie Ward—have referred comment to their attorneys, we expected Barry to do something more media friendly.
In the [...]

Another Barry Associate Has a Lawyer

For the last few weeks, we've published stories on Councilmember Marion Barry's zany relationship with ex-girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt and his pressuring her to sign another problematic contract. We've also written two stories on the issues surrounding the nonprofits run out of his offices and staffed with ex-campaign workers. These stories did not seem to impact [...]

Marion Barry’s Government Integrity Standards

Here's an undated poster of "District of Columbia Government Integrity Standards" signed by Marion Barry.

(click to enlarge)

Marion Barry Directed City Funds To Nonprofits Under His Control

Washington City Paper is reporting tonight that Councilmember Marion Barry has funneled nearly $1 million dollars in city funds to six nonprofits under the apparent control of his own staff. Barry first secured funding for the groups in June 2008. But here's the catch: This was months before the groups existed, city records show.
Furthermore, incorporation [...]