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Citizen Vigilante Group Forms to Combat Noise in Dupont

The Dupont Circle neighborhood may no longer be D.C.'s epicenter of cool, but according to at least one local group, the area's club-goers are still plenty loud.
The D.C. Noise Control Act limits noise levels at night to 60 decibels—which is about the roar of a normal conversation—and the newly formed D.C. Nightlife Noise Coalition says the [...]

Neighborhood Watch: No Voluntary Do-Overs in Georgetown

The Issue: Six Georgetown restaurants, including four along Washington Harbour, are trying to back out of their voluntary agreements with neighbors. The VAs, as they're often called in NIMBY circles, legally bind the operators to certain hours and methods of operation as a condition of their licenses to sell alcohol. Violations of these agreements tend to draw [...]

Suck It, NIMBYs

This just published on D.C.'s best Listserv is too good not to post:
I am a little horrified that the moaning and groaning from the neighbors is a deterent for doing business in Cleveland Park, I'd just assumed that rent was prohibitively high. Now I'm annoyed. People should keep in mind that there are a lot [...]