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D.C. Marijuana Activists Scheduled to Meet With White House on Monday

They want the president to help get cannabis reclassified from its Schedule I status.

Biking the Third Street Tunnel

Perhaps the greatest thrill LL experienced during the inaugural madness wasn't chatting up Joel Klein at the 9:30 Club, or accosting Ben Affleck at the HuffPo ball, or even sitting yards away from Barack Obama as he was sworn in.
Nope, it just might have been cruising through the Third Street Tunnel on his bike.
Now, LL [...]

Local Blogger Posts Thanks to Shoe-Thrower

Outside of the Busboys and Poets coffeeshop at 14th and V Streets NW, there's a large plexiglas box filled with shoes. It's called "The Empty Shoes of War," and each pair of shoes symbolizes an Iraqi civilian killed in the war. As a volunteer for Code Pink, local blogger and activist Nikolas Schiller had helped [...]

More Air-Locking

The mysterious practice of "air-locking" continues. Nikolas Schiller documents a case of a bike locked in a tree. It's a fixie, so I guess air-locking is getting hipper. Or, as Mike Licht supposed, perhaps this person just put hydrogen in their tires by mistake and only managed to attach the bike to the tree before [...]