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The Fred Davis Drink-Throwing Video, Revealed

Former Pigskins player Fred Davis' trial for allegedly throwing a drink on a woman at a nightclub is almost over. But now, his purported victim's law firm has released security footage of the incident.
Our dramatis personae are Davis and Makini R. Chaka at Josephine Nightclub in 2011. As Washingtonian has reported, Chaka claims Davis threw [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Dancing? On U Street?

The Issue: Local 16, a U Street bar and restaurant owned by Aman Ayoubi, allegedly violated its voluntary agreement with neighbors. A local resident, Allen Smith, complained to D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham about a "long-standing issue regarding noise," claiming that Local 16 "[operated] more as a night club than it [did] as a restaurant." But, [...]

Club Midtown Accused of Boozy Brawl Cover-Up

A city liquor-control agent on Wednesday pointedly accused managers of a swanky Dupont Circle nightspot of hindering his investigation into the club's handling of unruly patrons.
At a hearing before the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, investigator Tyrone Q. Lawson testified that operators of club Midtown, located at 1219 Connecticut Avenue NW, have been less than forthcoming in turning over security tapes that city regulators have [...]