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Appeal Denied for Columbia Heights Bird Lover Who Tried To Poison Cats

The Columbia Heights woman convicted in 2011 of attempting to poison her neighborhood cats for the sake of the bird population is, well, still guilty.
The D.C. Court of Appeals denied Nico Dauphine's appeal in a ruling issued Thursday, writing that "the government has met its burden to prove appellant acted with intent to commit the [...]

The Needle: Movin’ Like Bernie Edition

Movin' Like Bernie: Parents today! After Maryland's Perry Hall High School soccer team did the Bernie—you know, a Weekend At Bernie's style shimmy—parents freaked out and the principal canceled the rest of the season (until protests got him to change his decision). Their reasoning? It's just too sexy. Dead sexy, in fact. Honestly, if people [...]

The Needle: Cat Scratch Fever Edition

It Was Much Better Than Cats: Look around long enough in almost any alley in the District, and chances are you'll find a cat. To most people, that's not real cause for concern; authorities say that for Nico Dauphine, a National Zoo researcher who specializes in bird conservation, alley cats represented a veritable feline menace. [...]