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Metrorail Will Stay Open Past Midnight for Capitals’ Playoff Game Tonight

Whether they win or lose

District Plans Pre-Playoffs Rally for NHL’s Washington Capitals

The rally will take place on Wednesday afternoon at the Carnegie Library.

Caps and Wizards Games Are Officially OFF

Something to do with reports of snow.

The Needle: Timber!

Pigskins or Lumberjacks?: What do the Pigskins have against trees? In 2006, a National Park Service official was busted helping owner Dan Snyder arrange for more than 130 trees near his house to be cut down. Now, the president of Richmond's City Council is complaining that too many trees were cut down for construction of [...]

Gay Hockey Is the New Black

I'm more awed by the minute at how swimmingly things have gone for PuckBuddys pretty much ever since the first blog dedicated to gay Washington Capitals fans  dove into the mainstream around New Year's Day.
Ted Leonsis was among the first to embrace the place. From the get-go and with no fanfare, the Caps owner [...]

Did Capitals’ Boobirds Unleash the Fury?

The Caps won their 9th straight game last night on the road in Montreal against the team that booted 'em out of last year's Stanley Cup playoffs in the first round.
Just a couple weeks after doom and gloom consumed the Washington fan base, the team is now in second place in the Eastern Conference and [...]

In Praise of Gary Bettman and the NHL

For the first time in my adult life, I do not care about a single New Year's Day bowl game.
Actually, I cannot even name any Jan. 1 football matchup.
I heard the Rose Bowl won't have a PAC 10 representative.  And the Cotton Bowl won't even be played on New Year's Day.
The only athletic contest scheduled [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Peak of the Peak Edition

The most hated man in Washington is glumly going golfing. That's right, folks, Sidney Crosby and the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, your Washington Capitals' fiercest rivals, were finished off rather handily last night by those pesky Montreal Canadiens. 
Caps fans upset about the team's early exit from this year's playoffs can at least take solace in the dejected look [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Rock the Dread Edition

So maybe this isn't the year. What did you expect? A series sweep? Over the most storied franchise in pro hockey? Seasoned Caps fans should know better.
I remember my first hockey bloopers videotape. The hilarious compilation of goofy clips devoted an entire section to the ups and downs of the Washington Capitals.
Remember 1987? The Caps raced out to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Bring Mike Leach to Redskins Park (Cont.)?

John Feinstein doesn't like the way the Redskins complied with the NFL mandate to interview minority candidates before hiring a coach. Feinstein doesn't believe that Dan Snyder ever really thought Jerry Gray, a black defensive coach who reportedly has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job while Zorn still has it, could be a head coach for [...]