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Unobstructed View: Taking the Local Out of Local Radio

In the weeks before the Super Bowl, nothing is worse than local radio stations broadcasting from Radio Row.

Pigskins Reportedly Pick Architect to Design New Stadium—But Where Will It Go?

The team has reportedly picked the firm that designed the National Building Museum maze.

Unobstructed View: 8 Questions About the Pigskins Ahead of the NFL Playoffs

Do you bench Cousins for Sunday's regular season finale? What should we expect in the first round?

Unobstructed View: When the Pigskins’ Gain Is Your Loss

Last weekend, I found myself in a quandary that’s become familiar to more and more football fans over the last decade, one that pitted a lifetime of fandom against a pile of holiday cash.
The local NFL team is putting together what at this point can only be described as a [CLICHE ALERT] “playoff push.” They’re [...]

Unobstructed View: Legal Battle Illustrates How Ridiculous NFL Team’s Name Actually Is

What's not in a name

Unobstructed View: Let’s Actually Talk About Race and Sports

Reflections on Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III, and race

Unobstructed View: Great News—Kirk Cousins Is Awful!

His terrible performance is actually a good thing. It's what the team needed to find out this season.

NFL Boss: Pigskins Name Isn’t Racist

The National Football League has spoken: It doesn't consider the racial slur used by our local football team as its name to be racist.
"The Washington [Pigskins] name has thus from its origin represented a positive meaning distinct from any disparagement that could be viewed in some other context," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote to 10 [...]

If ‘Skins Win, D.C. Flag Could Fly Over Seattle

Mayor Vince Gray's bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay over the Washington Nationals' play-off series with the Cardinals didn't turn out so well, but he's giving gambling another shot with Seattle mayor Mike McGinn this weekend.
Ahead of the Washington Pigskins playoff game Sunday against the Seahawks, Gray has challenged McGinn to fly D.C.'s flag [...]

Vote: Rename the Team!

Football is not exactly a democratic sport. The coaches tend to call the plays, the players merely execute them. And for fans, things are even worse; here in D.C., of course, we've long been familiar with the tendency of NFL owners to operate as if they have all the power.
But now you've got a chance [...]

Hail to Robert Griffin III

No doubt in the minds of the Washington Redskins operation who the team will select with the second pick in tonight's NFL draft, apparently—this newsletter just went out from, with the subject line "Get Ready For Griffin!":

Griffin, of course, is the player soon to be known all around town as RG3, Baylor quarterback Robert [...]

Happy 12th Anniversary, Dan Snyder

On May 25, 1999, Dan Snyder won unanimous approval from the National Football League to buy the Washington Redskins from the estate of Jack Kent Cooke. The purchase cost $800 million.
"Persistence pays off," Snyder told WUSA-TV after the sale was approved. "We're going to be that persistent when it comes to winning on the field."
The [...]

How Much Time Has the NFL Got?

With the players' union disbanded and bargaining turned into litigation, the football lawyers and journalists and Drew Brees-es, who for a few sorta-exciting recent days hung out among us downtown, have gone their separate ways.
That's left the fans here and everywhere time to dwell on basketball, and hockey, and bitterness.
Here's a representative example of the [...]

The Needle: Spring Fund Drive Edition

Video Killed the Radio Star: The bad news continues for National Public Radio, as another hidden-camera tape by right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe shows executives were aware of the phony gift O'Keefe's stunt was pretending to pass along to the network. With the federal budget what it is (which is to say, bad, if not quite [...]

Sen. Sherrod Brown Brings NFL’s Blackouts Policy Back to Capitol Hill

Blackouts are the talk of the town!
Clearly, our nation's power brokers were moved by last week's Cheap Seats column on the history of the NFL's blackout rule: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is now urging Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend enforcement of his league's rule, which prevents (wink wink) games not sold out 72 hours before [...]