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Russ Ptacek Spent Tuesday Waiting for Muriel Bowser

WUSA9 investigative reporter Russ Ptacek and a cameraman sat outside Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser's office at the Wilson Building for two and a half hours Tuesday, waiting to snag an interview with the Democratic mayoral nominee. But Bowser never came, and Ptacek, whom Washington City Paper dubbed D.C.'s most excitable newsman in a 2013 cover story, [...]

BusTrackDC Comes to Android

Android-equipped Metro riders, rejoice. D.C. resident Jason Rosenbaum’s iPhone app BusTrackDC, which tracks Metro buses and trains as well as D.C.'s Circulator routes in real time, is now available on Android devices. Released in February, BusTrackDC filled a void left when the popular bus-tracker app NextBus DC stopped working in December (it's since come back [...]

The Needle: Congressional Oversight Without Representation Edition

Pretty Please: In the grand hierarchy of actions that seem like good ideas but won't actually amount to a whole lot, "starting a petition drive" falls somewhere a few levels of effectiveness behind "forming a blue-ribbon panel." Which is why we don't have great faith that a petition drive by local civil liberties groups against [...]

Being Blissfully Ignorant of Metro’s Communications Fail

This morning, Metro commuters may have encountered a mysterious system-wide communications breakdown. Metrorail and Metrobus arrival predictions weren't delivered to transit apps and platform information signs, and the public address system went down, as did Metro's website and e-mail alerts. (This comes within a day of a chunk of concrete falling through the ceiling at [...]