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Police Chiefs Meet for “National Summit on Violence”

Major cities' police chiefs held a conference Monday at which the group presented recommendations for curbing the national spike in violent crime.

The Needle: Sandwich Stakes

Taylor's getting cheesesteaks.

The Needle: Sandwich Edition

This (Sandwich) Town: To review This Town, Mark Leibovich's poison-pen letter to wide swaths of official Washington media and political operatives, the New York Times turned to David Shribman, the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a former Boston Globe Washington bureau chief. How former? Shribman "departed a decade ago," he says. Maybe that explains [...]

District Line Daily: Good News for Gio Gonzalez

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Major League Baseball may be about to suspend players like Alex Rodriguez over connections to a [...]

The Needle: Sushi Rat

Treat Yo' Self: NBC's Parks and Recreation will be filming some scenes for its new season in the District next week. Locations include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial,  and the Newseum, where, undoubtedly, Amy Poehler will see a copy of the Pawnee Journal in the museum's collection of front pages from across the nation and [...]

District Limerick: O.J.’s Suit Finds a Home (Phew!)

Smithsonian turned it away
But other folks wanted to play
Newseum prevailed
And then they unveiled
Their plans for the suit's own display
A 20 will soon let you scope
The suit! (Is it olive or taupe?)
That's all good and well
But dammit-to-hell
I'd rather see pants from this dope

Morning Roundup: The ‘Happy Birthday, Marion Barry’ Edition

Good morning, good people! It's Friday!
In this space way back on Wednesday, we mentioned—OK, ranted—about O.J. Simpson's "acquittal suit," which, as part of a ridiculously stupid idea, was being offered as a donation to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian didn't want it, because what self-respecting institution would?
The Newseum! According to the Washington Post's Reliable Source, the [...]

Alts Part of Journalism’s Death Throes, Not Part of Newseum

Pittsburgh City Paper's cover story this week takes a whack at the ink-stained/Twitter divide, asking: "As old media struggles, is a new breed of journalists up to the job of replacing it?"
And unlike the Newseum, which essentially ignores the role of good journalism supported by slutty ads, the PCP includes alternative newsweeklies in the mix. [...]

What’s the Point of the Newseum?

Last weekend I made my first trip to the Newseum, a shiny new museum dedicated to—well, I'm still trying to figure that out. On its second floor there's an interactive exhibit in which you can play reporter by responding to battery of ethical questions. This'll be easy, I figured, knowing that the game was designed [...]