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Albritton Advertising Runs Amok!

Monday was, indeed, an exciting day to toil away in the unique salt mine that is the D.C. local media world; across the Potomac in Rosslyn, the crew at TBD got into the game after months of Twittering. Besides their new website, TBD also took over the name and iconography at NewsChannel 8, the 24-hour [...]

LL on NewsTalk With Bruce DePuyt

Today at 4 p.m. on NewsChannel 8.
Tune in to hear chatter about Adrian Fenty's fundraising haul and all other sorts of local and regional political matters!

Bloodbath at NC8/Channel 7!

Oof. Bad day in Rosslyn.
LL follows up on DCRTV's reporting earlier today of massive layoffs at Allbritton Communication's TV operations (ABC affiliate WJLA-TV and NewsChannel 8).
As far as on-air talent goes, reporter Andrea McCarren is out, DCRTV says, as well as reporter Alisa Parenti, sports guy Greg Toland, and reporters Sarah Lee and Emily Schmidt. [...]