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New Yorker Goes Big and Explicit on Washington Football Team Controversy

No, the artist is not in favor of the team name.

Examiner, Disowned?

Over the years, we've had as much fun as any other readers when it comes to tweaking the Washington Examiner. But, really, in hyping non-existent Big Brother schemes or publishing comically slanted screeds against bike lanes that just happened to inconvenience parking spaces near the paper's office, our local right-wing tabloid was only doing its [...]

The Washington Post Hunts Publishing’s White Whale: The “Talk of the Town-Style Feature”

Everyone I've ever worked with, including me, has at one point or another proposed bringing in some "Talk of the Town-style pieces." This ambition fails to take into account that if the "Talk of the Town-style piece" were feasible, maybe they'd exist in a publication other than the New Yorker, where such pieces are called [...]

The Building Case Against Benjamin Button

Though I haven't wavered from my original opinion of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — and heard ripples of shared astonishment over the film's 13 Oscar nominations — it's sometimes reassuring to get backup on one's unpopular opinion.
Ran across this conversation between New York Times critic A.O. Scott and New Yorker's David Denby thanks [...]