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Andrew Sullivan Still Hates NYC, Says He’s Moving Back Home to the “Second Brooklyn”

Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan moved from his longtime Adams Morgan apartment to New York City last year, and has publicly complained about it ever since.
He blogged about how shitty the city was. He hated the barbershops, the Wi-Fi, and even the furniture stores.
And so today, in some unsurprising news, he announced he'll be moving [...]

Metro Station Dancer Qween Amor Robbed, Punched

Tutu-clad gay rights activist Qween Amor has been through a lot since December, when we first saw her earning an indecent exposure arrest for tangling with Black Israelites in front of the Chinatown Metro stop. She eventually declared victory over the hate group, but now she's facing an even more implacable foe—snatch-and-grab robbers.
On Tuesday, Amor [...]

New York Expat Hates D.C. So Much She Got Her Wedding Announcement in the Post

This morning's Washington Post broke new ground in a genre most experts thought was entirely tapped out by now: Whiny ex-New Yorkers bitching about how much they hate D.C.
Style feature writer Monica Hesse chronicled a meeting of a group of nearly a dozen and a half New York expats who've formed a club they call the Fellowship [...]

Impact! City Desk Helps Eliminate Pesky Manhattan Bus Stop

Suck it Malcolm Gladwell! In last week's New Yorker magazine, the author and journalist took aim at social media. Well, Malcolm, explain this please.
On Tuesday, I blogged in this space about how a new D.C.-Brooklyn discount bus line had a critical failure: a stop at Penn Station in Manhattan. Going through Manhattan sort of defeats the [...]

Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s Cab Driver Fights Back, Sticks to Ride-and-Ditch Story

Thought Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) vs. cabbie Abraham Habteab was over? Of course not! No one lets the man get you down, especially cab drivers who want their $8 cab fare paid back. And no one wants to be thrown under the bus by a stingy congressman.
Last week, Habteab picked up Nadler at Union Station. [...]

Did a New York Congressman Ride-and-Ditch a D.C. Cab Driver?

What does a U.S. representative do when a D.C. cabbie doesn't follow his specific, and also illegal, instructions for their drive around town? Ride-and-ditch like any wholesome American!

Spitzer to Fenty: A $1,000 Campaign Donation

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's massive re-election fundraising drive has brought unsurprising results–a boatload of money from the business world (especially real estate developers) along with some smaller chunks of cash from ordinary folks. As of July 31, $2.7 million.
One contribution, though, sticks out among the lawyers and executives: $1,000 from "Spitzer, Eliot" at "985 5th [...]

New York Publisher Snubs the Arts Club of Washington

Winning a Pulitzer Prize will line an author's pockets with $10,000. A National Book Award fetches the same. The PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction pays a hefty $15,000 to winners and $5,000 for runners-up.
Until three years ago, no other U.S. book award could match those amounts or the clout that comes with being named a winner [...]