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Take the Goat Horns Off Dale Mitchell!

For the wholly buoyant print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about the bid to remove the goat horns from Dale Mitchell. A half-century ago, he took a called third strike to make the last out in the first postseason no-hitter in baseball history and never lived it down.  Pick up a copy, read [...]

Forbes Writer Drives All the Way to Stooge City to Make Dan Snyder Lovable

Forbes writer Monte Burke asks in a blog post: "Why Is Dan Snyder So Reviled?"
Burke tells Redskins fans that they should love Snyder, because, you know, he just wants to win. To prove it, he quotes Snyder saying he just wants to win.
Snyder, Burke says, just needs the same amount of time and compassion fans of other teams gave [...]

Own a Piece of Hist*ry!

Jose Canseco, who will someday be viewed as the Deep Throat of the Dead Balls Era™, is offering fans and anybody else the chance to buy a bat, base, and cleats that back in 1988 factored into his becoming the first player in major league history to steal 40 bases and hit 40 home [...]

Bill Richardson Finally Admits There Was No Play for Pay Scheme in His Baseball Past

I saw my first Cape Cod League game over the summer, expecting to catch Fairfax phenom Mike Bianucci playing for the Cotuit Kettleers.
As luck would have it, the W.T. Woodson grad and Auburn University star signed a contract with the Texas Rangers and left the Cape to mere hours before game time to start his [...]

Kornheiser Loves the Dallas Cowboys

Tony Kornheiser has been a lot of things, including a big baby, a rich man, and a skilled columnist.
Monday night, he tried on his provocateur hat, telling his Monday Night Football audience that the Dallas Cowboys had surpassed the New York Yankees in world domination/sports tradition.
One great thing about sports is that there are such [...]