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52 D.C. Places More Interesting to Visit Than Those Times Suggestions

The New York Times is delighted to report that D.C. has finally come into its own as a miniature version of New York.

Gothamist Writer Goes on Media Junket, Distills D.C. to a Few Blocks in Dupont

Everything worth doing in D.C. is at the Embassy Row Hotel! Who knew?

The Needle: Counting One Crow

An ode to the "once-dicey" Adams Morgan

Where Do D.C. Natives Who Leave the District Go?

Last week I wrote about an interesting feature in the New York Times that used Census microdata to map out how Americans have moved between states since 1900.
The data from D.C. showed that only 37 percent of residents in 2012 were actually born in the District—a statistic that isn't all that surprising, given D.C.'s well-known reputation as [...]

More D.C. Residents Are From New York Than Maryland or Virginia

Native-born Washingtonians have never made up more than half of D.C.'s population since 1900, according to statistics from Census microdata. The New York Times compiled this microdata today for an interesting, interactive infographic mapping out how Americans have moved between states from 1900 through 2012.
Unsurprisingly, the data backs up the received wisdom that D.C. is a transient city. According to [...]

The Needle: Frosty Reception

Acakepopalypse: Don't get too excited celebrating the end of cupcakes and Crumbs Bake Shop. After raising more than $75,000 on a Kickstarter campaign, Baked by Yael, D.C.'s first cake-pop shop, could open in November. -2
New York Times Is on It: Just let this sentence from a New York Times article speak for itself: "Mr. Gray, who spoke outside a [...]

D.C.ers, This Is How You Can Make It Into the New York Times Wedding Section

There's a new database out there to supplement your weekly dose of matrimonial elitism. Wedding Crunchers has compiled 60,000 wedding and engagement announcements over the last 30 years from the the New York Times wedding section of record, allowing users to search through these archives by keyword and generate charts based on the changing frequency of [...]

The Needle: Et Tu, New York Times? Edition

First the Technologists Came for the Post: One prevailing theme in the coverage of the sale of the Washington Post is the question of whether it marks the closing of an era in which local dynastic owners ruled benevolently over America's papers of record. So, even though there's no evidence of this being a possibility, everybody wants [...]

The New York Times Gets a Spatial Reasoning Lesson on H Street

Today's New York Times has a profile of Fundrise, the Washington crowd-investment platform that has its hands in several projects, in what the Times describes as "the transitional H Street NE neighborhood near Dupont Circle."
Now, H Street is near Dupont Circle, but only in the sense that it's closer than, say, the New York Times' [...]

Washington Post Launching Paywall This Summer

Say goodbye to your free news, info-leeches. The rumored Washington Post paywall is becoming a reality this summer, according to a press release the paper sent out this afternoon.
Non-paying web users will be limited to just 20 articles a month on the Post site. Post management hasn't announced yet what the price for web access [...]

The Needle: Drop the Bass

The House Music of Representatives: David Brooks' column this week, which employs dance moves as a metaphor for Democratic and Republican maneuverings around the sequester,  is inexplicably titled "The D.C. Dubstep." Untz untz untz, Senator Skrillex. +3
Throwback: Mayor Vince Gray wants D.C. license plates to start referring to Washington as "the District of Columbia" instead [...]

Washington Now The Capitol from The Hunger Games

Why does the rest of America think Washingtonians want to force their most photogenic teens to compete in mortal combat? From yesterday's Ross Douthat column in the New York Times:
After all, like the ruthless Capital (sic) in 'The Hunger Games,' the wealth of Washington is ultimately extracted from taxpayers more than it is earned. And [...]

Five Questions for Svetlana Legetic About NYT’s Crush on BYT

Brightest Young Things is bringing its party-people operation to New York City, and the New York Times is ON IT. But Sarah Wildman's Sunday Styles profile of Svetlana Legetic and her crew raises a whole universe of questions.
Luckily, BYT's leader was happy to clear things up.
Did you ever get the photo booth fixed?
Yes, we did. No [...]

Post, Other Papers Ask Campaigns for Quote Approval

Much of the moaning about the corrosive effects of 24/7 news and the banal political culture it creates can come off as so much Chicken Littleism. Still, it's hard to read this story about reporters sending quotes from interviews to the presidential campaigns for pre-publication approval and not think there's something terribly wrong with our [...]

Thomas Friedman on D.C. Cabs: “I Can Tell You More About the Cabs in Cairo”

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman spoke at a District government conference on job creation and workforce development today. Mayor Vince Gray, enamored of one of Friedman’s books, invited the foreign policy guru to talk. The author gave a pretty standard speech, basically a summary of his most recent book. What wasn’t standard was the price: Friedman [...]