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NY Post Columnist Thinks You’re Dirty

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams visited Washington recently. And judging by her column title, "Nation's Crap-ital," she did not have a good time.
"I now know what DC stands for," writes Adams. "District of Crapola."
Adams' criticism is all over the place, but largely sticks to two themes: Politicians are old, and D.C. is dirty. [...]

Santa Myths in Weekend in Review

Now, there are a lot good reasons to hammer the Washington Post. Of late, I've enjoyed obsessing about their terrible policy on linking to other/competing news outlets. They simply can't bring themselves to do it. Another example of this short-sighted selfishness surfaced over the holiday weekend, when the Post wrote a piece about the Gilbert [...]

Black Doll with Panda: Okay. Black Doll with Monkey: Not So Much.

The black baby doll wearing a "Lil' monkey" hat – and cuddling with a stuffed monkey – is no more.
The Associated Press reports that Costco has pulled the African-American version of the "Cuddle with Me, Doll with Plush Monkey" after receiving complaints about its possible racist connotations. The white and Hispanic Lil' monkeys are still [...]

DC Lawyer Selling Biden Cocaine Tape Has Represented Scoundrels Before

The biggest story over the weekend concerned a videotape that allegedly showed Ashley Biden, the 27-year-old daughter of VP Joe Biden, snorting cocaine and cussing.
The New York Post reported that lawyer Thomas Dunlap had come to the paper while trying to sell the tape to media outlets for as much as $2 million. Dunlap was [...]