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Cheap Seats Daily: Divas Fall in the Forest…

In the end, our DC Divas were only bridesmaids.
In Saturday's IWFL Sup-Her Bowl in Austin, Texas, the Kansas City Tribe beat DC, 21-18, to win the women's tackle football national title, 21-18.
The Divas end the season at 10-1.
The sunset of Rachelle Pecovsky-Bentley's career wasn't as rapturous as it could have been. Pecovsky-Bentley, a 10th-year running [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder-Funded Group Names Snyder ‘MVP’!

Dan Snyder talked to the Associated Press about his 10 years as an NFL owner.
We've heard most of it before: Snyder was young when he got the team, which is the only reason he made mistakes (charging for training camp, hiring Steve Spurrier) that everybody else would have made, too. But he's learned and now [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder and Satan

As first rumored on DCRTV, Brian Mitchell has been let go by sportstalk station WTEM-AM.
That means Mitchell's now ex-employer was Dan Snyder.
The same guy has fired the same guy before.
In 2000, Snyder's first offseason of running the Redskins, Mitchell, the team's all-time punt return and kickoff return leader, was let go.
In Thom Loverro's 2007 book, [...]