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Wishful Thinking: New Year’s Resolutions For Local Newsmakers

City Paper alum Mike DeBonis has some suggested New Year's resolutions for local newsmakers at the Post. Worth noting is the one for the city's cab drivers, since fare increases and taxi modernization are sure to get quite a bit of ink next year:
City taxi drivers: Hire an accountant. A new taxicab industry reform proposal backed [...]

Morning Roundup: Three Ways to Remember J.D. Salinger

Good morning, Friday! Forecast: snow on the way, but maybe not so much.
In trying to abide our New Year's resolutions (see No. 7), we didn't mention a thing about Metro's  10-cent fare hike yesterday! So: here, now, are a few links, in case you want to read someone else's reporting on this. OK, just one [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Gilbert Arenas Gives the Rev. Al Sharpton a Thumbs Down” Edition

Good morning, City Desk. It's the sixth day of January. How you doing with those New Year's resolutions?
So...Mike Shanahan!
Chris Dodd!
Guantanamo inmates from Yemen!
The Post's Michael Wilbon gives the Rev. Al Sharpton a big thumbs up this morning for taking to task the gun-toting Gilbert Arenas, one of the sports world's "misbehaving black athletes."
Sharpton can change [...]

Morning Roundup: It’s 2010!

Good morning, 2010!
Doesn't 2009 seem like a long time ago? You made it through the year and it didn't even kill you. Have you decided what to call the new decade? The Tennies? The Tenties? The Teenies? The One-ders?
Anyway, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. No, not that Tiger. But the Chinese New Year [...]