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Unobstructed View: Don’t Start Believin’ (Yet)

It was a good win for the Pigskins, but ...

Politician Who Claimed Bogus Dallas Cowboys Career Now Claiming USFL Career, Too

Michael Vaughn, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates whose campaign bio bogusly claimed that he had played "3 years" for the Dallas Cowboys, told me earlier this week that I "didn't dig deep enough" into his football career.
Well, nobody can accuse Vaughn of under-digging lately. The hole he's dug for himself gets deeper [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Who’ll Let the Dog In?

Michael Vick was "conditionally reinstated" by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday. So the Vick-to-Redskins barkers got louder.
I know from dumbass arguments, and here's one of the dumbassiest on why Vick could fit in here as training camp opens this week:  Signing the free agent, says the Sporting News, "would give Vick an opportunity to play [...]