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New Hampshire Liquor Commission Says You Can Use a D.C. License to Buy Booze

Rest assured, D.C. residents looking to buy alcohol in New Hampshire, the Granite State may be home to some sloppy legislation, but it does not want to take away your right to drink.
The seemingly obscure topic of New Hampshire liquor laws was in the news Monday after a man with a D.C. license was turned away [...]

New Hampshire Isn’t Into D.C. Statehood

DCist's Benjamin R. Freed has been keeping track of the New Hampshire measure in support of D.C. statehood. Guess what? The whole endeavor was a huge failure, and the measure didn't pass the state's House of Representatives. In fact, it wasn't even close:
The measure, which was not expected to pass, fell on a vote of 248 [...]

The Needle: A Fire in Her Belly Edition

Taxi Commission Über Alles: iPhone-friendly car service Uber made a big splash when it arrived in D.C. from San Francisco, with lots of friendly tweets and a fancy lunch for the media. And then New Year's Eve happened. Customers complained that the service's "dynamic pricing" resulted in outlandish bills to get home early on Jan. [...]

D.C. Voting Rights Don’t Stop for Snow!

Snow in New Hampshire may have stopped a delegation of high-profile District pols. But it hasn't stopped artist/ex-hunger striker Adrian Parsons. Mayor Vince Gray, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, Councilmembers David Catania, Michael Brown, Mary Cheh, Yvette Alexander, Vincent Orange, and Marion Barry and a slew of activists were slated to fly up [...]

Statehood Trip Snowed Out

The New Hampshire legislature has canceled all business at the state capitol in Concord for tomorrow due to a looming snowstorm, which means the D.C. statehood delegation that was planning to testify in support of a bill calling for New Hampshire to put itself on record against the District's colonial status has had to postpone [...]

Sherwood: “Now Is Not The Time” For New Hampshire Trip

Yesterday Mike Madden said that the D.C. Council's trip to New Hampshire was ill-timed. Instead of taking advantage of the hundreds of reporters up there for yesterday's Republican primary, they've opted not to send anyone until tomorrow when the New Hampshire legislature votes.
NBC4's Tom Sherwood, on the other hand, thinks the whole visit is a bad [...]

New Hampshire Votes Today! D.C. Statehood Delegation Visits… Thursday

Just about every political reporter in the country is in New Hampshire today, as the "First in the Nation" Republican presidential primary votes are cast. (First except for that caucus in Iowa last week, of course.) Mitt Romney is expected to win by a large margin, which means there are a lot of writers and [...]