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City Agencies Asked to ‘Dig Deeply’ to Cover $300M 2011 Budget Gap

Ed Lazere of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute has scooped the reportorial corps with this revelation: District government agency heads have been asked to reduce their budgets by some $300 million going into the fiscal 2011 budget planning process.
This news comes from a memorandum [PDF] issued by City Administrator Neil O. Albert last month, which [...]

Why Adrian Fenty’s Parks Contracting Scheme Is an Outrage

Faster, better, cheaper.
That was the rationale offered today by the administration of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty for why at least $120 million in city money has been sent to the D.C. Housing Authority and, in turn, handed to politically connected contractors with the faintest whiff of oversight.
The revelations at the D.C. Council hearing today shocked [...]

Deputy Mayor Not Happy With Council Budget Moves

Neil O. Albert, outgoing deputy mayor for planning and economic development, is not happy with some of the D.C. Council's budget proposals. He dispatched a letter [PDF] today to councilmembers taking issue with several proposals contained in budget legislation scheduled for a second and final vote on Tuesday.
Two of the issues involve the fates of [...]

LL’s Uninformed Deputy Mayor Speculation

OK, so Dan Tan out as city administrator; Neil Albert in.
Got that.
But who replaces Albert as deputy mayor for planning and economic development? That is, after all, one of the most powerful slots in city government, in charge of shaping building and development in all corners of the city.
Allow LL to run some names, in [...]