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Former Style Editor Leaves Washington Post for TV

Former Style editor Ned Martel's slow-motion exit from the Washington Post is finally over. More than a year after Martel left Style to cover the presidential campaign for the paper, and ended up doing a surprising amount of fashion coverage instead, he's leaving the Post altogether to work for a TV production company.
"We wish Ned the [...]

From Arts Desk: Opening Now in Washington? Yeah, Right.

My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer talks with the Post's Ned Martel, who says D.C. should be on par with New York and LA when it comes to getting first-run indie films:
So are Martel and his sources right? I called Peter Knegt, a box-office analyst and associate editor at Indiewire, who says that generally speaking, D.C., Chicago, Boston, and Austin [...]

Democratic Narrative: Enlivened

In May, when the Washington Post announced that Ned Martel would be leaving his perch atop an increasingly insurrectionist Style section, the news was accompanied by a memo that, for a brief minute, made it look like the controversial editor’s new gig represented an upward move. Martel, it announced, would be covering the 2012 campaign, [...]

Style Editor Ned Martel Refuses to Comment on Horrible Sally Quinn Column

The buzz around town today is all about Sally Quinn's new low, aka a column in this morning's Style section in which she explains all about a wedding-scheduling snafu in her own family.
For all of you who have substantive things to worry about, this is what the piece was about: In recent days, there've been [...]

Sally Quinn: “Style Is Back!”

Washington social doyenne Sally Quinn has made a career out of party etiquette. She knows what food to serve, what atmosphere to create, what to wear, precisely where to seat the married couples (not together, dammit!).
The author of a new Washington Post Style section column on entertaining as well as a book on the same [...]

Allen v. Roig-Franzia: From the Beginning

When one man hauls off and punches another in the face, the conflict often has a long-tailed provenance. Such appears to be the case with Washington Post Style section staffers Manuel Roig-Franzia and Henry Allen. Those two got into a tussle on Friday afternoon in the vicinity of Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli's temporary office [...]