Unobstructed View: March Madness Sucks If You Don’t Have a Bracket

Without arbitrary rooting interests put into play, you realize that, hey, this is just a bunch of college basketball games that I ordinarily wouldn’t watch.

Weekend In Review: Did The Hoyas Get Screwed?

The Fish Market flooded! Is it me or do you see those flood warnings think it's BS? Maybe I should take those warnings seriously—especially after seeing pictures of the flooded market. SWDC blog writes:
"An overcast Sunday morning brought surprises to the Southwest Fish Market which was flooded by high water on the Washington Channel [...]

Norman Chad Continues Doing God’s Work

The great Norman Chad rips Clark Kellogg a new one in today's Washington Post.
Or, rather, Chad deplumes Kellogg a previously non-possessed one, as the blowhardy CBS color man would describe the action.
The Kellogg takedown was long overdue. Sure, he seems like a nice, smart guy—but nobody says less in more time. The TV timeouts and [...]