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NBC4 Snags WTOP’s Mark Segraves

Everybody's leaving WTOP! Just days after station vice president and format mastermind Jim Farley announced he's leaving the station at the end of 2013, news comes that WTOP local politics reporter Mark Segraves is headed to NBC4.
Segraves, who starts his job on Feb. 11, will work as a general assignment reporter for the station, where, [...]

Wendy Rieger: Still the Best

Is there anything NBC4's Wendy Rieger can't do? Her coverage of Hurricane Sandy made the storm bearable ("It just goes all flat...Kinda like my datin’ life."), and now she's started swearing on-air!
An early return from commercial break yesterday caught Rieger saying, "Shoot the shit, it's really funny." Later that day, Rieger apologized for the slip.

Wendy Rieger’s Rehoboth Beach Hotel Room Is Well Stocked With Crackers and Sausage

Day One of Hurricane Sandy belonged to NBC 4's Wendy Rieger. Sadly, the station still has not posted the video of Rieger's awesome Rehoboth Beach rooftop soliloquy yesterday. (The shoutout was nice, NBC 4, but we want the Mascara Tape online, pronto!)
A producer did, however, release this Wendy gem into the wild. Rieger takes the [...]

NBC 4’s Wendy Rieger: The Only Reason to Watch TV Today

Wendy Rieger of NBC 4 is covering Hurricane Sandy from a hotel in Rehoboth Beach. Here she is in the bathroom, showing the effects of the wind inside the building. Later she went up to the roof. She ended that dispatch with a philosophical note about the need for waterproof mascara. It was awesome.
Update, 4:38 [...]

The Bloomingdale Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Bloomingdale floods whenever the sky gets cloudy, so naturally, with Hurricane Sandy approaching, far stranger things are happening on the streets there.

D.C. TV Stations Raking in the Citizens United Cash

Whether you're watching Days of Our Lives, the Today Show, or the Olympics closing ceremonies on NBC next week, you'll see an ad from Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS super PAC. Crossroads will pay steeply for the privilege—about $50,000 for the Olympics spots. And they're buying a lot of spots.
The Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling may [...]