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City Revenues Adjusted Downward…Again

Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi's latest city revenue estimates are in, and guess what: bad news.
For the current fiscal year, which started last Oct. 1, Gandhi is now estimating $17.7 million less in revenue. So what was a projected $223 million budget gap is now $240 million. And for the upcoming fiscal year, the [...]

Mayor-Council Wars Are Headed to Court!

After three long, hot years, the increasingly intractable conflict between Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and the D.C. Council is heading to court.
There's a twist: Neither of the parties is suing.
Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi, independent of both, has announced he's going to D.C. Superior Court to settle an ongoing dispute over review of city [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Harriette Walters

"If you put me back in there today, I could get each of you a check."
—tax scammer Harriette Walters, June 30

District Revenues Keep Falling, Gandhi Says

In what's become a quarterly tradition around these parts, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi announced this afternoon that projected city revenues over the next few years are again being revised downward.
The bottom line: The mayor and council have to find at least $190 million to balance this year's budget, which runs until Sept. 30. [...]

Nationals Park: No Revival Yet. Here Are A Few Reasons Why

Yesterday, the Washington Post printed some very obvious news to anyone who's been on South Cap. Street in the past year: Nationals Park hasn't sparked much revitalizing in Southwest. The city spent $1 billion in infrastructure upgrades and developers have made huge holes in the ground and left a lot of buildings still vacant.
As the [...]

District Gets AAA Bond Rating

Not a lot of folks are getting good news from Wall Street these days, but the District got a little something nice today.
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is announcing this evening that Standard & Poor's, one of three outfits that rate municipal debt, has given the District a "AAA" rating on a recent [...]

Gandhi to Walters: “Keep Up the Good Work”

Go right now to D.C. Wire and read what reporter Dan Keating turned up in a records request: Harriette Walters kissing Nat Gandhi's ass months before her $50 million embezzlement scheme was discovered. David Nakamura provides some context.
In April 2007, Gandhi decided not to accept an offer to become Amtrak's CFO, and he told his [...]