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Photos of Nats fans in happier times

District Line Daily: Stayin’ Alive

Is Catania closing in on Bowser?

District Line Daily: Nats Attack

Plus: A missing D.C. bartender has been found safe.

The Needle: An Undefeated Season

Home Run: The Washington Nationals won their season opener against the Mets today in the 10th inning. The only thing better than a winning team? A winning team whose stadium has lots of good food and beer. +4
Generation Why? Mayor Vince Gray officially proclaimed that the end, or at least Millennial Week, is coming to D.C. in June. [...]

The Needle: Ruff Season

Puppy Series: Tickets for "Pup in the Park" are on sale now. Yes, this is a a real thing—you can bring your dog to a baseball game—and yes, it tends to sell out. +3
Star Endorser: Ex-University of Maryland and Houston Rockets player Steve Francis, who is featured prominently in a District rapper Fat Trel  album promo, is backing Muriel Bowser [...]

The Needle: #flatitude

Seventh Inning Wretch: Apparently Nationals fans are getting a reputation for doing things other than watching baseball while attending baseball games, including reading Kindles and newspapers and, a couple months back, doing taxes. I want to defend this as tantamount to queuing up an already-seen episode of The Wire as background noise while you catch up on [...]

The Needle: Taco Trouble

Worlds Colliding: Logan Circle toolbag hive El Centro D.F. is expanding to toolbag neighborhood Georgetown. -1
Treats on Wheel: Starting today, Washington has a bike-borne gourmet ice cream sandwich vendor. +2

Presidents Race Will Have a Vice-President for the Night

Everyone who said the Nationals' presidents race was over after Teddy Roosevelt won were wrong. That's because the real bad news for the  costumed faux-presidents will come Tuesday, when Teddy and his four counterparts are joined by a replica Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The Post reports that Foam Elaine will team up with Teddy in the race as [...]

Is Nationals Owner Ted Lerner an Asshole?

Without knowing him personally, it's hard to say whether Nationals owner Ted Lerner is an asshole. But Lerner does score pretty high on Mother Jones' new ranking of the asshole quotient of various Major League Baseball owners.
Lerner lands around the second tier of Major League owners, according to Mother Jones—less of an asshole than Astros' owner [...]

Nationals Park Beers Some of Baseball’s Most Expensive

Drinking at Nationals Park is a good way to avoid actually watching baseball. But that blessed escape will still be pricey this year, with CNN Money declaring that beer prices at Nationals Park are some of the highest in the league. D.C. Sports Bog compares that to the original prices at the stadium:
As you can [...]

The Needle: Snowed In

#Snowquester: Wednesday's storm looks brutal. -3
Blossoming: The cherry blossoms are expected to hit peak bloom from March 26 to March 30. +1

Report: Nationals Missed Recruit’s Fatal Meningitis

Mother Jones is out today with a bruising report on how Major League Baseball teams recruit teens in the Dominican Republic, and the Washington Nationals look especially badly. Reporter Ian Gordon's story centers on Nationals prospect Yewri Guillén, who died from bacterial meningitis shortly after attending the team's Dominican training academy in 2011.
Guillén started having headaches [...]

5 Ways to Describe Bryce Harper’s Muscles

Spring training isn't the most thrilling time in a baseball reporter's year, but that hasn't stopped the Washington Post's James Wagner from finding his muse in between Bryce Harper's deltoids. Below, how to say over and over that Harper is ripped:

"His muscular body."
"Athletic, growing and built."
"Broad shoulders and unspeakably high expectations."
"Harper built his body as [...]

The Needle: Bathtub Win

Our Biggest President: William Howard Taft's great-grandson declares his ancestor's inclusion in the Nationals' presidents race "cute." +3
Spy vs Alt Weekly:Washington City Paper had a small screen cameo in last week's episode of FX's The Americans, as undercover Soviet agents communicated with each other in our classified section. Tune in this week, as City Paper [...]

Nationals’ Gio Gonzalez Linked to Performance Enhancing Drugs Clinic

Update, 12:20 p.m.: Via Twitter, Gonzalez has denied using performance enhancing drugs or meeting Biogenesis' Anthony Bosch, whose notes the Miami New Times story was based on.

A new report from the Miami New Times links Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, among other star baseball players, with a clinic accused of selling performance enhancing drugs.
According to the [...]