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The New Nationals Manager Is Dusty Baker, Just Like We Thought It Would Be


NATSO: Like Bingo, But for the Nats

Hello, baseball season! Pundits and magazine covers have already predicted that this is the Nationals' year to win the World Series—but if we're truly lucky, that won't be the only reason 2013 is a memorable year. 2013 provided plenty of Nats-related water-cooler chatter that had nothing to do with stats, from conservative columnists' obsession with [...]

Haygood Bolts From Style

Wil Haygood, a towering narrative writer for the Washington Post's Style section, is taking a new job within the Post. After finishing up some outstanding Style assignments, he'll be heading to the National desk's enterprise team, which is headed up by Pulitzer winner David Finkel.
According to a Post memo: "Wil will train his unique voice [...]

What, Exactly, Is the Washington Post‘s Mission?

Item No. 1 in the Mystery of the Washington Post's Murky Mission: Last December, Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth issues the "Road Forward," a strategy memo that includes these now-iconic lines: Being for, and about Washington, means addressing our local readers’ core needs. Strong news coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, expert analysis and informed commentary will [...]

D.C. ‘Roids Mystery: Caps “Aren’t Extremely Ripped or Anything.”

A Florida couple busted for running a major steroid operation and selling to pro athletes named the Nats and the Caps as two teams that availed themselves of their services, but they didn't name names.
That leaves anyone the Washington Times has so far got on the horn to speculate. Officially, of course, there's no comment [...]