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National Zoo: Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Two Cubs (UPDATE)

Bao Bao's a big sister.

Panda Watch: Ultrasound Provides More Evidence That Mei Xiang Is Pregnant, Not Faking

Mei Xiang could give birth as early as next week.

Black-Crowned Night-Herons: Beloved—But Uninvited—Guests at the National Zoo

Roughly 500 wild herons live behind the captive Bird House from May to August—about 200 adults and their babies, the zoo says.

The Needle: The Aqua Line

The National Zoo has a loud, new resident.

Here Are Otters Playing With Pumpkins


The Needle: To Recline or Not to Recline?

Hero or Villan? A D.C. man invented the Knee Defender—the $22 contraption that clips onto a tray table and prevents people on planes from reclining their seats, and which recently led to an argument between two passengers on a flight, who were kicked off when the plane diverted to Chicago. So is this man a villain? [...]

Bao Bao Hype Persists as Panda Turns 1

Time really flies when you're watching a baby panda's every move on a live video feed.
Bao Bao turns one on Saturday, and the National Zoo is having a party to celebrate the pampered cub.
Friends of the National Zoo members are invited  to a private Bao Bao viewing this Saturday, August 23 from 9 to 11 a.m., [...]

The Needle: Burgundy and Cold

Principles Over Money: A Native American advocacy group says representatives of Dan Snyder's Original Americans Foundation met with an Arizona tribe yesterday to offer them money to help build a skate park that it wants. The tribe refused the offer, calling it bribe money. +3 
Can You Handle "The Truth?" The Wizards announced they've officially signed forward Paul Pierce. +4

Petition Can’t Sway National Zoo to Keep Invertebrate House Open

D.C.'s biggest fans of spineless creatures are not letting the National Zoo's Invertebrate House go without a fight.
Bethesda resident Terri Jacobson started a petition to try and keep the Invertebrate House open after the National Zoo announced this week that it would close the exhibit to save money. The exhibit costs $1 million annually and requires about [...]

National Zoo to Permanently Close Invertebrate Exhibit

The National Zoo wants the public to know that although it has nothing against invertebrate animals, it will close its invertebrate exhibit permanently Sunday, a move that will save the zoo $1 million a year. The Invertebrate House, which opened in 1987, also needs about $5 million in upgrades, according to the zoo.
"This difficult decision is not [...]

The Needle: Zooropa!

Chairman of the Bored: Never stop tweeting, former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown. Never stop tweeting. +2
The New Zoo Thing: Animal babies animal babies animal babies animal babies animal babies. Animal babies? +1
Silver Line Playbook: Whenever the Silver Line opens, Orange and Blue Line riders will get an extra week of inconvenience. -1

The Football Clan: Happy World Cup! [...]

The Needle: Controversial Times at Wilson High

Predicable Protest: I've heard of everybody wanting to go to Wilson High School, but this is ridiculous! The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church will protest the school's Pride Day next month. Students are already planning a counter protest. -4
You Otter Know: Asian small-clawed otters play the keyboard at the National Zoo. Because why not! +2

National Zoo Gets Three New Elephants and an Elephant Cam

Three elephants arrived at the National Zoo Friday after a 60-hour, 2,500 mile drive from Canada. The three female elephants—Kamala (39), Swarna (39), and Maharani (23)—are on loan from the Calgary Zoo and join the National Zoo's four other Asian elephants.
The elephants made the trek in 10,000 pound travel crates. They'll now be quarantined for about [...]

Police Forcibly Remove Man Who Won’t Sit Down at National Zoo Concert

Alaska band Portgual. The Man performed a concert Monday evening at the National Zoo as part of the institution's Endangered Song Project—a campaign intended to bring awareness to the plight of endangered species, particularly the Sumatran Tiger.
But things turned less than charitable when a man with a Justin Bieber haircut standing at the front of the [...]

The National Zoo Has Sold Four $6,000 Bao Bao VIP Packages

Earlier this week, City Desk declared that D.C. had hit peak panda. But it turns out the mountain of panda fandom had an uncharted summit of which we were unaware.
That $6,000 VIP Bao Bao Tour? Well, technically, the National Zoo is all sold out of them. The pricey panda package is part of the National Zoo's [...]