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Photos: Eight Things From Tuesday

Photo: Bridesmaids

600 Block 7th Street, NW.  April 14th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Woman Praying

700 Block G Street, NW.  Feb. 20th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Hide Seek Censored

800 Block F Street, NW.  Jan. 21. © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Be Afraid Edition

Doors Closing: Being a concerned citizen in these times of terror requires a lot of fear; if you're not constantly worried some lunatic is going to blow you up, you're not holding up your end of the bargain. Still, it's hard to muster the requisite level of alarm over the latest arrest involving some guy [...]

Photo: Patti Smith

Patti Smith Polaroid, Dec. 11 at the National Portrait Gallery ©2010 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Marion Barry, Reality TV Star Edition

Fa-La-La Fail: Every war has collateral damage, and the war on Christmas is no different. In this case, it's the District's rush hour that will suffer. The National Christmas Tree is set to be lit this evening, in a big ceremony featuring President Obama, and gridlock is expected. Now you can grumble about Obama for [...]

The Needle: Don’t Come Back Edition

Banned in D.C.: Yes, we used the same Bad Brains song title as a headline on a previous Needle item about the National Portrait Gallery. But now it's even more appropriate, as the Metropolitan Police Department told two protesters arrested at the museum on Saturday that they were forbidden to set foot in any Smithsonian [...]

The Needle: Happy Hanukkah Edition

But Does He Like Us, Like Us?: At one point during the mayoral primary, Vince Gray aides e-mailed around a photo of their man shaking hands with President Obama during a chance encounter at a Washington Mystics game. They can now update that with a new shot; Gray, the District's next mayor, joined Obama for [...]