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Photos: Irish Wolfhounds

The Friday Limerick Review

For invalids trying to cope
Catania's bill offers some hope
Spared legal offense
Five stores could dispense
That herb that our parents call dope
For helping the suffering Haitians
M. Barry's requesting donations
But twenty years back
It would have been crack
And different solicitations
This Friday pro-lifers will show
And street traffic surely will slow
They're out on the Lawn
Deploring dead spawn
And protesting ev'rything Roe
The sex [...]

Screen on the Green Canceled?

We Love DC is reporting that HBO has canceled this year's Screen on the Green. The blog writes:
"HBO has cancelled the long-running Screen on the Green program for 2009, according to a representative from HBO’s consumer affairs department."
So no Double Indemnity on the Mall, no Rebel Without A Cause under the stars. No reason was [...]

Martin Luther King’s Family “Profiteering” in Lead-Up to His Memorial

The Assosciated Press is reporting today that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Jr.'s family has charged the foundation raising money to build King's memorial on the National Mall $80,000 in licensing fees. The fees were leveled for using King's images and words on fundraising materials—the ones designed to encourage private donations for the "Stone [...]

Park Service Seeks To Destroy Reflecting Pool, Sylvan Theater

Eventually, somebody will speak up and say: Stop Messing With The National Mall. In recent years, we've had to endure the WWII memorial monstrosity (it's memorial as clip art!). Now comes the news that the National Park Service has issued a planning document which calls for the removal of the U.S. Capitol's reflecting pool [...]

National Mall Still Full Of Shit

This afternoon, I posted about possibility that parts of the National Mall will have to be restored due to millions of people trampling its grass on inauguration day. Well, I went down to the Mall this afternoon. More than two days after Obama's swearing in, the portable toilets are still on the Mall. Hundreds of [...]

National Mall May Need To Be Restored

WTOP reports that 3.8 million feet trampled the National Mall during Obama's inauguration. That's what you get when you want an inauguration for the people! The National Park Service plans on assessing the potential damage in the coming days:
"A bond has been set aside for the National Park Service to refurbish the National Mall. The [...]