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Panda panda panda. Panda.

Councilmember Michael Brown's driver's license suspended five times [...]

National Geographic Exhibit on Muslim Inventions Under Fire

Washington: Not even the museums are safe from controversies. The paranoiacs who work in the euphemistic "anti-jihad" field are all in a tizzy over an exhibit about Muslim scientists that's currently up at the National Geographic Museum.
The chief detractor of the exhibit, which is called "1,001 Inventions," is J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department [...]

How Come Nobody Knows Dan Snyder’s Middle Name?

Forget Al Haynesworth's rank on the depth chart or Donovan McNabb's embrace of the Shanahan Squared Offense.
In the wake of Friday's pretty darn good opening exhibition, Redskins fans are debating a much more fascinating topic: What does the "M" in Daniel M. Snyder stand for?
Believe it or not, as long as Snyder has been around [...]

SEC to Expand Into Denuded Edward Durrell Stone Building

In a former professional life, this City Desk contributor worked in the bowels of the old U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters building at 7th and D streets SW. The Nassif Building, as it was called, had dismal interior spaces with removable walls that made the office building in the 1985 film Brazil seem cheery.
But its [...]

CarbonfreeDC Greens Up City, Gets Founder’s Face on Sun Chips

Rhys Gerholdt decided it was time for a makeover. But he wasn't thinking about liposuction and face lifts. For the  CarbonfreeDC founder, it's all about low-flow shower heads and insulation blankets. The local nonprofit has bested the competition to win a $20,000 grant from National Geographic and SunChips. The project: to "green up" 20 homes [...]