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When Downtown D.C. Really Was a Parking Lot

You think parking's bad in D.C. these days? Check out this photo, recently released by the National Archives, of cars wedged into just about every available inch near downtown during a bus strike in May 1974. (Thanks to The Atlantic for combing through the set and highlighting this photo.)
Photo by Jim Pickerell/NARA

Archives Employee Pleads Guilty

Mmm nothing like some corruption in the morning. Over at the Examiner, Emily Babay reports that the high-ranking National Archives official who got caught last October after selling a 1937 Babe Ruth recording for $34.74 just pleaded guilty.
$34.74! Because of a single, rather cheap eBay sale, Leslie Charles Waffen, a 40-year Archives employee, had his home raided. [...]

The Needle: Congress Strikes Back Edition

Who Needs a Vote?: The Tea Party's rallying cry all of last year was, "No taxation without representation!" So it's somewhat mysterious that among the first moves the Tea Party-powered Republican House did today was to strip D.C. of the mostly symbolic representation we get for our tax dollars, voting down a resolution by Del. [...]

A Glenn Beck Fan’s Guide to Washington, D.C.

The District is bracing for yet another gathering of Tea Party activists, seemingly furious about the very existence of the federal government and complaining about "taxation without representation." (Though, honestly, we in D.C. know from taxation without representation, and none of these grouches from states with two senators and voting House members really impress City [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

The start of this week was so dour
As many were left without power
Repairs are a farce
And Pepco's an arse
That "storm" was naught more than a shower
The primary has people stressed
So BOEE ran a test
Unless folks all lied
The party divide:
What ice cream, to you, tastes the best
Those City Desk guys I adore
Are giving each day its [...]