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Gear Prudence: Where Can I Ride Laps On My Bike in D.C.?

Somewhere other than Hains Point for a change

National Arboretum Hours May Be Restored This Spring

There's no guarantee, but it's priority No. 1 for the Arboretum's friends group.

Bike Karaoke Could Be Coming to D.C.

District Karaoke, one of Washington's most competitive karaoke leagues, could soon be going mobile. The group, which just finished its fall city-wide finals, has started raising money on Kickstarter to create a bike-borne karaoke machine.
"I can only imagine," says District Karaoke founder Jesse Rauch. "We go down to the National Mall and go to that [...]

The Needle: Valentine’s Play Edition

Passion Play: The National Museum of Crime and Punishment has drawn the ire of Hollaback DC, which says the museum's "Crimes of Passion" exhibit mocks domestic violence victims. Attendees of the exhibit are handcuffed to their partners as they tour the museum; a few special posters accompany existing exhibits showcasing dashing romantics like Bonnie and [...]

Photo: Arboretum

National Arboretum, NE.  © 2010 Matt Dunn

Solomon Loses Parking Space at Washington Times

The Washington Times is doing everything in its power to maintain its stranglehold on weirdest local publication. For starters, it fired top newspaper leaders on a Sunday night. Then, the next day, it fills its flagship facility on New York Avenue NE with security personnel and holds a quickie meeting with staff to not-explain what [...]