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Myopic Twits: Older, Blinder and Wise-Asser

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy's bosses may have forced him to go on Twitter–with mixed results–but rest assured that Milloy has not dropped his cranky-uncle persona just because he's taken the paper's mandatory social-media class.
To wit: Last week marked the first anniversary of the meanest, most polarizing, and most irresistible political label in recent D.C. [...]

Courtland Milloy, Myopic Little Twit

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy is trying his hand at being a twit.
After revving up a new Twitter account—@Courtland51—on Friday, it didn't take him long to get going. As of Tuesday afternoon, he'd racked up 43 tweets, was following 138 fellow users, and had collected 255 followers.
But Milloy isn't sure he likes it. Asked what he [...]

What Should Courtland Milloy’s Twitter Name Be?

The big news of the week, so far, is the imminent arrival on Twitter of Courtland Milloy, the Washington Post columnist who declared in September that Adrian Fenty-voting, bike lane-commuting, fancy restaurant-dining yuppies who use social media are "myopic little twits."
Milloy told Washington City Paper's Rend Smith that he's been taking Post-mandated social media training [...]