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Ideas for D.C.-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The ones you have to explain to everyone, like, five times and yet still no one "gets" are always the coolest.

Bowser Doubles Down, Makes Public Show of Support for Lanier

At a press conference Tuesday, the mayor said the police chief “knows this city like few others do," despite the recent criticism she's received from the police union.

Police Chief Shares Crime Stats, Motives in District-Wide Email

“I wanted to make sure that I shared the facts with our community members on violent crime in the city,” the chief writes.

D.C. Saw Fewer Robberies, Increase in Gun Recoveries in 2014, Says MPD Report

Total gun recoveries—a hot topic on officials’ minds—increased roughly 64 percent from 2013 to 2014.

Bowser Announces Wind-Power Deal, Rebranding of DDOE

Energy company Iberdrola Renewables will supply 35 percent of the District government’s electricity with wind-generated power over the next 20 years.

Chokeholds Come Under Fire in Police Complaints Board Report

MPD’s current use-of-force policy doesn’t comply with District law, according to a report.

Fire Lieutenant Cited for ‘Neglect of Duty’ After Delayed Response to Choking Toddler

The city has also instituted a number of reforms.

Boston Doesn’t Want the 2024 Olympics. Does D.C.?

The mayor's chief of staff says it's "too early to say what is next" for the District.

Metro Creates New Fire/Rescue Liaison Position to Improve Safety

Metro has hired a "fire/rescue liaison" to improve emergency responses.

Bowser Kicks Off Expanded Summer Jobs Program

The mayor says older participants are "really in need of some direction and a chance.”

District Line Daily: Pot Deal

Before she was elected mayor, Muriel Bowser struck a deal with the city's marijuana advocates to keep legalization low-key.

District Line Daily: Major Development Projects in Flux

The Bowser administration is reviewing her predecessor's selection of developers and new requirements for affordable housing.

District Line Daily: Bowser Defends Firefighters After Metro Incident

"What we know less about is that time between when our firefighters arrived there and ... when they were able to get to the train itself," she told Fox 5.

District Line Daily: Investigation Into Fire Department Response Begins

Bowser said the response time seemed "customary."

District Line Daily: Bike Legislation Returns

One of the bill's opponents from last year introduced the new version.