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D.C. Is Putting Dollars and Faith Into Volunteer Reading Programs. Can They Close the Achievement Gap?

The Bowser admin is betting big on unpaid reading tutors.

Bowser Wants D.C. Statehood on November Ballot [UPDATE]

Voters would likely approve statehood, but then what?

Bowser Will Ask D.C. Council to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

She'll send a bill next month.

Bowser: D.C. to Treat Metro Closure as ‘Homeland Security Event’

The mayor said she didn't feel "kept out of the loop" by Metro's decision.

Wards Apart: Residents Across the District Respond to Bowser’s Plan to Replace D.C. General

From Ward 1 to Ward 8

Closing D.C. General Doesn’t Make It Any Easier to Open Another Family Shelter in Ward 6

Ward 6 should be the one most vocally in favor of Bowser's shelter plan, but it's not that simple.

USDOT Director on Metro Safety Reform: ‘I’m Getting Short on Patience’

Anthony Foxx sounds no-nonsense about reforming Metro's safety culture.

Bowser on FEMS Official’s Resignation: ‘Nothing Really Shocks Me’

The department's medical director recently resigned, saying "people are needlessly dying."

Preferred Alternative for Controversial Downtown Bike Lane Still Unclear

Though comments at a public meeting this weekend were civil, no plan immediately emerged as the favorite.

Majority of D.C. Voters Favor Stadium at RFK, But Issue Gets Complicated Fast

Using public funds is less popular.

Local Students to Recite MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream Speech’ at Lincoln Memorial on Friday

This is the 12th annual such reading, according to the National Park Service.

Will President Obama Discuss D.C. Statehood During the State of the Union?

And, even if he does, what would it accomplish?

D.C. Councilmember Proposes Stricter Special Police Officer Regulations

The legislation would impact campus police, plus require more training for private security.

Planned Parenthood: Protestors’ Activity Outside School Is ‘Shameful’

Two Rivers Charter School filed a lawsuit against anti-abortion-access protesters Wednesday.

Chatter: 1099 Problems

In which readers declare Bowser a one-term mayor