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Man Accused of Shooting Pigskins’ Sean Taylor Finally Headed to Trial

The young man accused of killing former Washington Pigskins free safety Sean Taylor six years ago in a botched armed robbery in Miami is finally headed to trial.
Eric Rivera, the now 23-year-old who is accused of actually pulling the trigger of the gun that killed the football star, is the first of the five defendants involved [...]

Murder Is Down In D.C., But Why?

On WAMU's DCentric, Elahe Izadi explores why murder rates have dropped to a 50-year-historic low in D.C. One thing's for sure: It's not due to gentrification.
Since 1990, the percentage of people living in poverty has remained relatively stable or slightly increased in the east of the Anacostia River communities, places which also experienced the biggest recent [...]

The Needle: Out In The Streets, They Call It Murder Edition

No Taxation Without Starvation: Getting D.C. representation in Congress turns out to be physically hard work. The last remaining protester from the Occupy D.C. movement who's on a hunger strike to demand voting rights, Adrian Parsons, has lost 25 pounds in three weeks. He's consuming only vitamins and water, enhanced with electrolytes. Parsons' doctors have [...]

Murders Are Still Down

The last week has seen an uptick in murders—8 in a 7-day period—across the city, including two men killed on Saturday. Still, MPD says that at 95, the number of homicides in the District are lower than the 106 seen last year at this time.
If every week had been like the last one, though, D.C. [...]

The Needle: Give Acorns A Chance Edition

Please Sir, May I Have Some More (Acorns)?: Squirrel advocates (!) disagree on how to handle the coming Squirrel Famine—and whether there's even a famine coming. One group says they've noticed fewer acorns this year, and that once squirrels gnaw through their current stash, they'll be starving—so District residents may want to buy acorns, freeze [...]

Nine Homicides Still Unexplained

Last week, we pointed out that while assembling a database of the year's homicides, the blog Homicide Watch D.C. noticed there were 18 that didn't seem to show up in either media reports or on the website of the Metropolitan Police Department, where press releases for such tragedies are usually logged. City Desk contacted MPD [...]

Chandra Levy Murder Trial: Ingmar Guandique Guilty

During the fourth day of deliberations, Ingmar Guandique was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy. The announcement came less than two hours after deliberation resumed Monday.
Guandique originally faced another count of first-degree felony murder for allegedly sexually assaulting Levy in the trial that started Oct. 25.  The kidnapping and [...]

Police Provide U Street Shooting Narrative

This afternoon, the Metropolitan Police Department provided their first written narrative of events concerning yesterday's drive-by shooting along U Street that left 21-year-old Jamal Coates dead. Last night, police arrested Brandon Miller for Coates' murder. Miller was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. The police narrative was filed with the court post- at the [...]

Not Guilty! Judge Exonerates Defendants in Robert Wone Case

Three Dupont Circle men accused of conspiring to cover up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone will go free.
Judge Lynn Leibovitz on Tuesday exonerated defendants Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward in the sensational trial which captivated Washington for weeks. The three housemates were charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Price was also on trial for evidence tampering.
"It is [...]

Romantic Woes Weighed On Wone Suspects Weeks Before Murder

Just six weeks before the grisly murder of D.C. lawyer Robert Wone in their guest room, the housemates at 1509 Swann Street NW may have been struggling to keep their romantic threesome intact.
Documents recently filed by prosecutors suggest that defendant Dylan Ward may have been losing interest in lover Joseph Price. Both Ward and co-defendant [...]

Did Wone Witness Mistake Vicky Mabrey for Maureen Bunyan?

William Thomas, a slight, silver-haired and amber-colored man with a methodical way of speaking, took the stand early in the senational trial of three Dupont Circle men accused of covering up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone. (A verdict is expected early next week.) Thomas told the judge he heard "a desperation scream" come from [...]

‘Assumptions, Speculation, Innuendo': Defense Closes in Wone Case

In the last hours of the criminal trial that's kept D.C. preoccupied for weeks, defense attorneys Bernie Grimm, Thomas Connolly and David Schertler argued for the innocence of their clients. Despite air-conditioning, the crowded courtroom turned hot and muggy this afternoon as the lawyers took turns trying to convince Judge Lynn Leibovitz that Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, [...]

‘They Lied, They Orchestrated, They Tampered': Wone Prosecutors Rest Their Case

Defendant Joseph Price was visibly biting his nails Thursday morning as prosecuting U.S. Attorney Glenn Kirschner prepared to make his closing arguments.
"They lied to the police, they orchestrated, they tampered," Kirschner said of Price and fellow defendants Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky. The trio stands accused of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in connection to the 2006 [...]

Closing Arguments Set For Today in Robert Wone Trial

It was an intruder that stabbed Robert Wone, one who entered through an unlocked back door. That's their story, but prosecutors seeking to convict Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward don't buy it. They think the gay threesome, now facing charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice, made up their accounts of what happened on August 2, 2006. Prosecutors say [...]

Defense Seeks Maureen Bunyan Mimic in Robert Wone Case

Defense attorney Thomas Connolly bid Wednesday to submit an episode of the ABC news program Nightline into evidence in the sensational trial of three Dupont Circle men accused of covering up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone.
"If there's another voice that sounds like Maureen Bunyan, that's relevant," argued Connolly. Weeks ago, a neighbor to the defendants, witness [...]