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D.C. Elites Win the Dawn!

Great news, Washingtonians: It's boom time here!
That, at least, is the argument Politico (er, sorry, POLITICO) has plastered all over its homepage this morning, breathlessly heralding the results of a survey 1,011 Americans and "227 Washington, D.C., Elites." The poll, taken by Mark Penn, finds the D.C. elites think the country is doing much better [...]

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Will Mt. Pleasant Go To Haydee’s? Owners, NIMBYs Await ABC Ruling

Haydee Vanegas is confident that city regulators will ultimately rule in her favor. "We expect a good answer," she tells City Desk.
The co-owner of Haydee's, a Salvadorean restaurant at 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street NW, sparked a neighborhood fight earlier this year when she decided to apply for a CN-class nightclub license, a move that would [...]

Photo: Girl in Shopping Cart

Girl in Shopping Cart,  16th Street, NW, Mt. Pleasant © 2010 Matt Dunn

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Neighborhood Watch: Community Questions Mount Pleasant Library Renovations

The Issue: Is the new Mt. Pleasant Library plan not taking the neighborhood into account? Renovation of the library on 16th Street NW, near Lamont Street, is part of the citywide library expansion project; construction is slated to begin in 2010. Among other changes, the plan includes renovating the accessibility ramp for disabled and [...]

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Shooting, 1989

A Tangled Situation

My hair has gotten to that point, folks. It's time for a haircut.
I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but there's a point—an actual length—in the afterlife of my hair follicles when all hell breaks loose. In January 2007, I was so sick of it (and it was long enough, after the split [...]