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Washington City Paper Is Moving to McPherson Square for a While

And now, some news about where your news is written: Washington City Paper is moving in early May from our Adams Morgan office to 1400 I St. NW.
City Paper has been at 2390 Champlain St. NW since 1993, but our building—which also houses WPFW-FM and BTN Systems—is slated to be torn down this year as part [...]

Everybody’s Moving to D.C.

There's a reason D.C. rents are sky-high and applying for a group house is starting to feel like applying to college: Lots of people are moving here. D.C. beat out every U.S. state for most inbound moving trips as compared to overall moves in 2012, at least according to new data from a van company.
Sixty-three [...]

All Old Things Are Priceless

I am moving this weekend. To honor the occasion, I opened up my top desk drawer. I haven't opened this drawer in months. I haven't looked deep inside it in at least a year. I treated it as a museum for my very important papers and receipts and reporter stuff. I don't think I've cleaned [...]