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The Needle: Metro Map Clash

Track Marks: Which Metro map redesign should reign supreme? Number 2 wins the Needle because the multiple-line station marks looking cleaner. +3
Bridge Work: The Roosevelt Bridge will be closed parts of Sunday for the filming of scenes for Freezer Burn, an upcoming movie that sounds like a SyFy original but it is in fact believed [...]

Office Space Joke Gets GWU Student a Visit from Police

Office Space jokes: They're dated, but are they also threatening? Referencing the 1999 comedy earned one George Washington University a visit from campus police earlier this week, as well a request to sign a statement saying that he wouldn't burn down university buildings.
The trouble for freshman Ryan W. Moorman started on Wednesday, according to the [...]

The Needle: Popcorn Tax Edition

Let's All Go To The Lobby And Pay Some Taxes: Seeing movies in the theaters these days is an expensive proposition. There's the tickets themselves, which cost more than $10. There's the Metro fare to the theater. There's the $7 monthly payment to Netflix that meant you could have just held out a few months [...]

The Needle: Presumed Guilty Edition

Let's All Overreact!: The best policy, when faced with some danger of a terrorist attacks, is to abandon any commitment to civil liberties or, really, rational thought. Or at least, that seems to be the theory Metro officials are now operating under. In response to the news that a guy who wanted (but hadn't actually [...]

DC Movie Tours: What’s There to See?

Now that every TV camera in the nation has turned it's lonely lens to Washington, it is only fitting that a bus tour has been arranged to guide tourists past the filming locations of every notable DC movie or TV show.  On Location Tours, Inc., the New York-based company behind the Sex and the City [...]

Photos: Watching The Directors