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Photo: Backlit Boy

Brown Street NW, May 23

Photos: Riots in Mount Pleasant, 1991

16th Street NW, May 5, 1991
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Today in D.C. History: Mount Pleasant Riots Start 20 Years Ago

On May 5, 1991, rioting broke out in Mount Pleasant following the shooting of a Salvadoran man by a rookie Metropolitan Police Department officer. At the time, there were disputes about whether the man, reportedly intoxicated, had threatened the officer with a knife. What resulted was a multi-day standoff with police, looted stores, and torched [...]

Photo: Capital Bikeshare, Possible Downside

Mount Pleasant, January 18

Photos: Hello Bird People

What do we have here? Is it possible it is responsible for this from a few years ago?

Photo: Friday Morning

96 Pigeons, Mount Pleasant, December 17

Photo: From the Series: Superlatives

Mount Pleasant Street NW, May 31

Photo: Television Aerial and Aeroplane

Mount Pleasant, May 24

Neighborhood Watch: Residents Flash-Mob Mt. Pleasant Library Expansion

The Issue: The saga between neighborhood residents and the District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) battles on. Mount Pleasant Public Library in Ward 1, set to close on Saturday for renovation and expansion, is the latest in the spotlight of the library wars. For the past two years, DCPL and the community have been [...]

In What Universe is Haydee’s a ‘Supper Club’?

Now that Washington City Paper's resident media critic has departed, someone here's gotta cap on the InTowner. Hope this fills the void.
Witness the featured story from the InTowner's March issue, penned by Anthony L. Harvey. It's a nice piece of neighborhood journalism, albeit written in the 'Towner's impossibly verbose house style, about how Mount Pleasant [...]

Mount Pleasant Restaurant Attempts Nightclub Transformation

The Issue: Haydee's, a Salvadoran restaurant at 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street, wants to get a nightclub license from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. The idea of a new nightclub has divided the Mount Pleasant forum and revived a neighborhood tradition: intra-neighbor factionalism.

Our Morning Roundup: How Was Your Drive To Work?

WaPo thinks the real test for Mayor Adrian Fenty comes right now during your morning commute. He's already failed mine. While I haven't walked to WCP headquarters just yet, I can bet that the last bit of sidewalk on Mount Pleasant Street hasn't been cleared nor has the mucky stretch of park nor the bus [...]

Neighborhood Watch: A Mount Pleasant Mural: Pleasant or Unpleasant?

The Issue: Mount Pleasant residents are divided over the design for a proposed community mural by D.C arts organization City Arts and artist Byron Peck. The mural, which would go up on a side of the Atonatl condominium building on Mt. Pleasant Street, consists of scenes from around the neighborhood—children reading, dancers in the Latino [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Post-Game Highlights

Bsom reports on the media's coverage of the cop vs. snowballers incident and wonders how WaPo and others initially got the story so wrong despite video and photographic evidence contradicting the police department's story:
"So even in a case where there's photo, video, and lots of twitter-tastic participants, it was still a struggle to get the [...]

Another Reason To Hate Red Bull

Its sugar content. Frat boys. The idea of legal, liquid crack. The way it turns your vomit a candy-apple color. Here's another reason to hate Red Bull. I just saw a grown man try to buy Red Bull with food stamps. The 7-11 clerk had to turn him away. Sigh.
*photo courtesy of energy drink guru.