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Morning Roundup: Lazy Soccer Players Edition

Good morning, Washington. For those who missed it, President Obama is sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to fix that “darned fence.” But Arizonans still aren’t satisfied.
Closer to home, prosecutors continued their marathon screening of police interrogation video in the Robert Wone murder-conspiracy trial yesterday, including footage of interviews with suspects Joseph Price and Dylan Ward. [...]

Weekend in Review: Don’t Forget to Take Your Acid! Love, Mom

The Washington Post Magazine's lead story Sunday involved a twenty-something who goes to India to find his uncle, who's become some sort of Hare Krishna guru-king.
It turns out that when your uncle's a guru, he acts a little weird. He sits on a bed with the writer in silence, smirking. But I think the weirdest [...]

DPW Responds to Questions About Separation Between Recycling and Trash

Awhile ago, we brought you a story about recycling that routinely gets tossed out with the trash. Well, as you can imagine, we thought this was pretty surprising news: that loads of plastics, paper, bottles and cans dutifully dumped into recycling bins around the city were still ending up at the landfill. The culprits? Some [...]

A P.C. Mascot: New Va. High School Goes with “Huskies,” Not “Tribe”

The Washington Post had a great graphic the other day showing the changes in Indian or Indian-related mascots at area schools as part of the movement to rid sports teams of symbols that have been dubbed "hostile," "abusive," or racist, including by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and some Native Americans (like the ones that [...]

Are D.C. Public Schools a Lost Cause?

It's high school graduation season here in the nation's capital which means two things: ridiculous crowds outside Constitution Hall all day, every day; and the publication of Education Week's graduation issue.  It's the latter that is causing greater concern because contained in the June 11 edition are the results of the magazine's ten-year analysis of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Armed and Dangerous

Good morning City Desk readers, I hope you've all bundled up to fight the cold! Inauguration weekend starts in a few hours, so set aside some time today to read through City Paper's inaugural archive. And now, some news:

The MPD is on the lookout for an armed robbery suspect (pictured above) who held up a [...]