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J. Crew Heads Downtown

How was there not a J. Crew store downtown before this?  Perhaps it's time for another Monica Hesse trend story on women's fashion?

Chinese New Year Parade Goes Big

Monica Hesse reports in the Post that the annual Chinese New Year parade is changing rapidly—organizers have hired an agency to help them this year.
“We would like,” [Hon-Yuen] Wong says — and he knows this is a big dream, but one might as well dream big — “we want to make it like Macy’s.”
For nearly 40 [...]

New York Expat Hates D.C. So Much She Got Her Wedding Announcement in the Post

This morning's Washington Post broke new ground in a genre most experts thought was entirely tapped out by now: Whiny ex-New Yorkers bitching about how much they hate D.C.
Style feature writer Monica Hesse chronicled a meeting of a group of nearly a dozen and a half New York expats who've formed a club they call the Fellowship [...]

Morning Roundup: Had to Be There Edition

Andrew Beaujon, the managing editor of Washington City Paper, sat at a computer in his Warwick Village rental home on Wednesday night. He was reading about ducklings. Old-house dust, the result of a tussle that evening with some new kitchen cabinets in a 1940s rowhouse he is renovating nearby, ringed his cuticles.
"These 'Had to Be [...]

Allen v. Roig-Franzia Fisticuffs: The Movie

Did anyone actually end up writhing on the floor? Where did Allen connect? Was there any shoving involved? How quickly did Brauchli get to the scene of the crime?
Hit play and find out!
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Allen v. Roig-Franzia: From the Beginning

When one man hauls off and punches another in the face, the conflict often has a long-tailed provenance. Such appears to be the case with Washington Post Style section staffers Manuel Roig-Franzia and Henry Allen. Those two got into a tussle on Friday afternoon in the vicinity of Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli's temporary office [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Twestivus for the Rest of Us” Edition

*Remember the huff over Monica Hesse's piece on Brian Brown? The one from August 28, in which she describes the NOM executive director as "pleasantly, ruthlessly sane"? Nearly two weeks later, this thing still has legs. About this time last week, Rebecca Armendariz of the Washington Blade denounced Hesse's story as a dangerous “puff piece.” [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Better Late Than Never

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to Tuesday! It's not a themed Tuesday, because really, can't we just be grateful it's not Monday anymore? Jesus.
Lots of news about shoes, after the jump!