Cheap Seats Daily: Did Theismann Pile On Riggins Because Riggins Piled On Theismann?

Commercials running all day on Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM, are pushing the pep rally that Snyder is sponsoring tonight at Dave & Buster's in Rockville.
Listeners are urged, "Bring your best 'Beat Dallas!' sign and you can win a six pack of club seats!"
I can't wait to see how high the "Worst Owner Ever!" banner [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Jim Zorn Will Definitely Be the Head Coach, Hopefully?

Another Redskins game that ain't a sellout. Another Redskins game that won't be blacked out.
The graphic above is from the latest installment of the now regular email blasts that precede every home game.
But no matter what your head tells you, remember: Dan Snyder says the Redskins have a waiting list of "over 200,000" names of [...]

Dan Snyder Dusts Off the ‘200,000 Name Waiting List’!

The Redskins made a bit of news this week by announcing they won't raise ticket prices for next season.
Anytime "Dan Snyder" and "won't raise prices" can be used on the same page, it's news.
But in making the announcement, Skins management again boasted about the size of the fan base.
Mitch Gershman, the team’s chief operating officer, [...]