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D.C. Libraries to Host Weddings and Private Events

New regulations allow D.C. Public Libraries to monetize spaces and services.

Full Quote To Go On MLK Memorial

Looks like the Park Service has met the deadline set by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to come up with a solution to the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial quote fiasco. The Post is reporting that the agency will replace the 10-word truncated quote, "I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness," with the original 45-word [...]

Interior Secretary Wants MLK Quote Changed

The Post reports that after months, Secretary of the Department of the Interior Ken Salazar has given the National Park Service a 30-day deadline to find a solution to the incorrect Martin Luther King Jr. quote on the new memorial.
“I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness,” the monument says. What an odd [...]

‘Say It To His Face’

I like Mark Plotkin's take on Mayor Vince Gray's remarks on statehood at the MLK memorial dedication on Sunday. City Paper alum Mike DeBonis asked Plotkin for his thoughts:
Plotkin had no qualms about Gray’s remarks. “They were terrific,” he said — particularly the call to “implore” President Barack Obama and Congress to act on behalf of [...]

From Arts Desk: Raheem DeVaughn Among Protesters Arrested at Supreme Court

Writes Jonathan L. Fischer:
Local crooner Raheem DeVaughn was among the group of protesters led by by Princeton academic Cornel West that was arrested on the grounds of the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon. The demonstration—protesting the court's 2010 Citizens United ruling that blocked the government from banning corporate spending in elections—took place following yesterday morning's dedication of the Martin [...]

The Needle: MLK Dedication (For Real) Edition

MLK Memorial, Take Two: The last time the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. was scheduled for a dedication ceremony, a tropical storm got in the way. This weekend, the weather's set to be perfect for the rescheduled event. (Yes, there was a tornado last night near Quantico, Va., but the ceremony isn't until [...]

From The Comments: Why the MLK Memorial Should Have Used U.S. Granite

American granite may not be as hard as the Chinese stuff, but it certainly is more defensive. Regarding the MLK memorial kerfuffle over stone choice, reader (and granite sculptor) Clint Button disagrees with my assessment and writes:
The granite industry levied similar warranty concerns about the Viet Nam Wall because that stone (not technically granite) was chosen [...]

Norton Wants MLK Memorial Do-Over

One of D.C.'s most beloved politicians has become one of an increasing number of Martin Luther King Jr. memorial faultfinders. On Friday, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton tweeted that she wants to see the memorial changed. "Heed outcry on redo of King's words on Memorial. Distorts man, not just words," Norton typed. The [...]

Critiquing the Critiques: MLK Edition

The Washington Post editorial board is now weighing in on the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial quotation fiasco. Due to the dedication delay provided by Hurricane Irene, the board says there's time to "get it right" and replace the cocky quote with the longer, contextual version.
This has not been a good week for the new [...]

MLK Memorial Looks Kind of Cocky? Maybe It Should

You might have noticed the bit of discord regarding Martin Luther King's memorial. Renowned author Maya Angelou has pointed out that an inscription on the memorial makes King seem arrogant. Others have said the crossed arms and glower of the enormous likeness makes him seem the same. "He had no arrogance at all," Angelou complained to [...]

So The MLK Memorial Isn’t Perfect—At Least He’s Not A Mass Murderer

Count poet Maya Angelou as one more person who’s not jazzed about the misleading shortening of a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote chiseled into the brand new memorial that saw a soggy opening last weekend during Hurricane Irene:
Carved on the north face of the 30-foot-tall granite statue, the inscription reads: I was a drum major [...]

The Needle: Ticketron Edition

For Tickets, See Jack: District campaign finance law allows members of the D.C. Council to raise up to $80,000 a year for constituent service funds, outside of their tax-funded office budgets and their campaign accounts. The idea is supposed to be to use these to pay for things like electrical bills or heating costs that [...]