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The Needle: Panic! At The Metro

Metro Moves: A group of people will meet at an undisclosed location near the Takoma Park Metro Nov. 30 to participate in a silent disco on a Metro bus with their headphones on. -2
Minifortune: Want to go to Minibar for New Years Eve? A reservation will cost you $275 per person for the 6 p.m. seating [...]

Eric Holder Isn’t the Only One Saying No

In certain corners of the Internet, a written response from Attorney General Eric Holder to Sen. Rand Paul—following the Kentucky Republican's filibuster last night over concerns related to the Obama administration's drone-warfare program—has already become a classic of the political-memo genre. However, Holder's letter is eerily similar to a number of missives recently obtained by Washington [...]

D.C. Steakhouses: Weather Wimps

Snow consists of water, and it piles up in little fluffy mounds. It gets pushed around a lot.
In other words, it's just the sort of substance that, you'd suppose, steakmen would scoff about. Steakmen are the brutes who live on red meat and serve it at their steakhouses. Red meat, of course, symbolizes toughness, [...]